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Over the years, I have written and presided over all kinds of weddings. Some were very private with only two in attendance and others featured as many as 500 guests. I've ministered weddings for those in the public eye as well as for those as simple and as humble as you and me.

A person who loves ritual, ceremony, and declarations, I came to officiate weddings as a gesture to those who want to stand before each other, Sprit, and their loved ones and express both a commitment to stand together as well as inspire the hope that partnering can and does bring to the world. I stand with you to bear sacred witness to your declarations. I bring my presence, my love, and my excitement for you.

I enjoy weaving poetry, lyrics, and personal stories into a very unique expression of love that specifically reflects your vision, desires, and dreams. I spend precious time talking to both you and your beloved — individually and together, interviewing family members, and close friends. I'm interested and want to weave the reason why you have chosen the place you have chosen in which to be married, the history of the land there, the time of year, along with the astrology and numerology of your day. All of that information brings depth and color to your tapestry. It brings" your" meaning to your ceremony.

Then I take all of the information, stories, and ideas and add poetry from Rumi, Robert Frost, Mary Oliver and the like, lyrics from your favorite songs, including "It's a marvellous night for a moondance," contemporary and ancient wisdom from around the world, a touch of comedy, and a kiss of compassion.

The ceremony is designed as a very personal expression, and one that meets the very tender and specific needs of those getting married, declaring their commitment.

What good fortune that you have found each other once again...


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