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My work as a clairaudient medium (one who hears the words spoken from Spirit on the other side) began in 1989 when the ancient Bodhisattva of Compassion embodied her loving energy, leveled her eyes into mine, and gave me her hypnotic transmission. What first began as a tiny whisper from her evolved into a full-on communication. Quan Yin's reverence for you, and all of life, comes through me and I translate it. Sometimes the information comes in the form of a direct message, as questions for you or as guidance from other allies or ancestors assisting you from the other side.

Working with a number of modalities such as numerology or an astrological chart, we begin by breathing and traveling into the different fields of energy that encircle and vibrate from your physical body. It is in the vibrations of the colors that we find clues to the sacred — symbols and information — about other lifetimes, your health, and pointers to energy blockages that need to be released.

In a Clairaudient session, you are encouraged to ask questions that hold energy and meaning for you. Here are some examples:

  1. Where have I been in other lifetimes?
  2. How does my health look? (This can only be answered energetically. We do not diagnose in any way.)
  3. How can I heal myself emotionally?
  4. Why did I choose my career? Is it the right one for me according to my birth chart?
  5. I would like to connect to someone who has passed over. Will you help me? Is he or she still near me?
  6. Who are my guides and teachers?
  7. What kind of spirit animal is with me?
  8. How can I stop sabotaging myself?
  9. Energetically, where is the best place for me to live?
  10. What is my spiritual path? How can I best be of service?

A clairaudient reading is a precious, intimate gift to give yourself when you are ready for a historical perspective of your soul's evolution, to learn more about why you chose the current "players" in your life, or to clarify a situation you currently face or that is forthcoming.

You are welcome to come for a single session, once a year, or as often as you wish. I am very honored to be a go-between, between this world and Quan Yin's realm. A clairaudient reading is mystical, practical, provocative and empowering.

I look forward to meeting with you.


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