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Namaste and Aloha!

Thank you for visiting my healing sanctuary!

Please take your time experiencing the cornucopia of information and energy that we've created here and feel free to email me with any questions you might have. Think of me as a friend along the path who is offering you lots of adventures and plenty of ways to know yourself at an even deeper level, so that you can design an empowering vision for your life.

I am available by SKYPE and by phone. So if you're not from the San Francisco Bay Area, you can reach me from anywhere! We are also getting ready to launch retreats and workshops in Sedona, Maui, Provence, and Tulum, Mexico, as well as locally.

I am looking forward to connecting with you and to sharing more meaning and joy.

Ten thousand blessings to you from all directions!



My Being Quan Yin website was designed to pay homage to Quan Yin, the energy of love and compassion. It is also a reflection of my inner world. There is no one else who could have rendered it but visionary artist, Suzanne Dion.

Working with Suzanne has been quite an adventure! We began two years ago gathering information, photography, art work, case studies, testimonials, and inspirational quotes. Next, she led me through an intense writing process, directing me deeper and deeper into how to express self-empowerment, what holds true meaning for me, and how I could best share those gifts. Then she worked her magic blending, uplifting, refining, and creating the embodiment of Quan Yin's world — and mine. I could never express the totality of my gratitude and love for Suzanne. Check out her website to see more of her incredible gifts.

Ten thousand thank yous to the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco and to Judy Wilbur who introduced me to the beauty of their sculptures, paintings, and photography. The ancient pieces inspired this entire project and brought our ideas to life. Please visit the museum and their website at www.asianart.org and be transported to another realm.

I also want to thank Michael Nisley whose beautiful music graces my site with his soothing bells and bowls. He's my soul-satisfying sound shaman! To hear more of these ancient bells and bowls, check out my new CD, BEING QUAN YIN, Becoming The Art of Love and Compassion. Michael evokes so much peace and depth with his intuitive instrumentation and gentle listening.

Thank you, Jan Allegretti, for your editorial eye, patience, and compassionate heart.

Special thanks to friend and painter, Gary Markowitz, for letting us include his painting "Akashic Records," which appears on the Past-life Regression page.

Thank you Oriah for letting us include an excerpt from your book The Dance, (HarperONE, San Francisco, 2001). All rights reserved. Presented with permission of the author at www.oriah.org.

My warmest thanks to Thich Nhat Hanh, author of Present Moment, Wonderful Moment: Mindfulness Verses for Daily Living, (Parallax Press, 1990), whose quotes have appeared in his incredible works — many of which are listed on this site on the Books/DVD page, under the "I Recommend" tab.

A big thanks to Ed Handelman, San Francisco painter, for my favorite piece of art (featured on the I Realize page). It has blessed my home for a decade and now blesses my new home here, online.

And to Rumi...many of the quotes from Rumi were translated by Coleman Barks and appeared in the book, Open Secret: Version of Rumi, by John Moyne and Coleman Barks (Threshold Books, 1984).

Most of all, thank you, Quan Yin, for showing me the way and helping me to remember why my soul came back. My devotion to your energy lives beyond time and eternity.


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