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I am so glad you have joined me again! The next few blogs will be devoted to the non-ordinary worlds and the spirits that come to us to bring healing energies and higher wisdom as a gift from beyond.

If you are not familiar with the term "non-ordinary worlds," what I am referring to is those worlds that exist beyond the realm in which we reside. "Medicine animals" or "spirit animals" are spirits in service who arrive from the other side with their special brand of medicine to protect you and help you soar. As you become more adept, you can learn to invoke their energies, an empowering act that is totally thrilling.

in this lifetime, I have conducted over 25,000 readings and during those sessions I have never encountered anyone who did not have a spirit animal walking, flying, swimming, resting, slithering or jumping in their auric field. I always ask the person who is sitting with me if they want this kind of information because it is often so new and surprising, and I want my readings to feel safe and comforting.

I love to impart this information because it makes the reading so much richer and opens a profound gateway to the mystical in all of us. It is often very grounding and inspirational. Often the animal has an important message to impart.

I am so honored to have the opportunity to be the conduit! Of course, in order to have the experience of discovering your spirit animal, you have to be open and unafraid. You have to trust the process and most importantly, you have to retire your skeptical ego self and let your soul lead you.

Are you ready?

So let's begin...

This morning as I stood in the kitchen washing dishes, I glanced outside to my spring garden. It was easy to smile. Everything was shining in the sun. I was immediately pulled to the two prominent statues in the center of my backyard: Quan Yin, the Goddess of Compassion, and Lalenya, my spirit animal, who is the size of an actual mountain lion and rendered magically from barbed wire. These two beings champion my inner world and I am honored for every moment in which I have met their healing lifestreams.

My relationship with spirit animals began early. As I wrote about in my first novel, The Goddess of 5th Avenue, I was born with a white cobra wrapped around my leg. When I first saw her, I recall feeling the softness pouring from her eyes and her protective spirit. Yes, she was immensely powerful, but with sweet compassion pouring though her. (I feel her coiling softly now as I recount my story.)

What a being! I cannot convey how many times I have called her closer during the challenging times of my childhood and beyond. Again and again she dispelled dangerous situations around me. She was particularly active on the subways of Manhattan that took me back and forth from school every day. How so? She would wrap herself around my aura and elicit an energy that let others know to stay away. Feeling her energies I could relax and feel safe, a very big deal for me since I was a 12-year old toe-head with a minimum of self-esteem, so vulnerable and shy. Feeling her essence around me allowed me to breathe and let go.

By the time I was a teenager, I had developed a strong skepticism of what had brought me so much relief, and besides that, I had no one to discuss my supernatural adventures with — far from it! It wasn't like New Yorkers were running around exchanging stories about their encounters with medicine animals! In fact, I was sure that any such recounting would send me through the doors of the neighborhood psychiatrist.

Years later, after I had emigrated to San Francisco — a metaphysical and mystical utopia in comparison, i began to sense a large presence from the corner of my eye. It would come and go and I would tell myself that I was just seeing things. That is until the great spiritual warrior tiger, Tiwa, entered my dreams with tremendous ferocity. From that point on, my life would never be the same.

But more about that next month.

Until then, may your inner and outer worlds be filled with beauty, peace, and boundless joy. And remember, keep your heart open and see who emerges!


Homage to the Four-leggeds, Two-leggeds, Six-leggeds, and Those with No Legs at All,
to the Finned Ones and Winged Ones, and Those Still in Their Shells...

So this is my first blog and already I want to change the name to something softer, like “Love Letter” or “Communiqué!”

Those who know me will be amused, in that it seems to be my dharma to soften and beautify everything. But so it is. Okay, here’s my blog, and here we go....

I realize as I create this new website that I have barely touched on my connection and commitment to the world of animals, both here and in other realms. My whole life has been blessed and protected by their presence. Their majesty, silent wisdom, whimsy, and generosity have inspired my belief in the goodness of all. I cannot imagine my life without them.

Growing up in upstate New York, Muffy, our giant St. Bernard, graced my life. There she was, one hundred and fifty pounds of mothering joy, with dark liquid eyes and a fabulous full-feathered tail. Those were rather dark days in my childhood, but no matter what occurred Muffy was always there. Sometimes when I would nap in fetal position she would jump on the bed and curve her body around my delicate form. I felt so safe. When it came time for me to begin kindergarten, I rode on Muffy’s back all the way to the schoolhouse entrance. When my first day was done and I walked outside in the autumn afternoon, she was right there waiting. My companion, my confidante, my protector. Muffy, my darling angel.

Since those days I have had the pleasure of raising and being raised by ten other furry beings: Tammy (a skittery, jittery tabby); Dagmar and Beau Noir (Pekingese twins); Sebastian (a gorgeous, out-of-control Irish Setter); Rain (a Spaniel mix from Pets in Need in San Francisco)...a soulmate of the highest order; Hopi (a mixed beauty from the Santa Clara shelter); Willow (a gentle half-breed retriever from the San Mateo shelter); Lily Françoise (a Great Pyrenees blonde bombshell à la Mae West); Alexei (an ancient warrior from the Lhasa Apso temples of Tibet); and now the amazing Rumi, my wonderful, hysterical, mischievous, singing, swaggering, sexy Bearded Collie (shown above).

All of these beings brought me important lessons to learn, some about living and some about dying and the journey of letting go. I bow to each one with gratitude and a more expanded heart. Through each one I have gone deeper in my quest for Oneness. I have loved lying down across from each one, traveling through their eyes into invisible gateways of love and compassion. I have seen my innocence in those eyes.

What a gift I have been given.

And it has been through communion with these beings that I have opened to other realms. Not long after my beloved Muffy passed, I felt her warm body brush against mine as I dressed for school. I sensed her being as I walked home on the snowy road. This was when I began to know that living beings never end, they only transform. My Muffy was only a breath away…I could feel that and I knew that she would be my ally forever. That was when I understood who my true family really was and is.

What I need to say here is that these beings we call “pets” need our commitment and care-taking. They are not ours, we are theirs—their voice, their shelter, and their protection. It is up to us to provide them good, loving lifetimes. For the past 20 years, I have been involved with many organizations that champion animals. I have felt greatly empowered by Green Peace, PETA, The Doris Day Animal League, The National and American Anti-Vivisection Societies, Best Friends, The Jane Goodall Institute, and many, many others. These organizations work night and day creating better legislation and fighting for it, facing head-on conflict with those who betray, exploit, and abuse animals. They are tireless in their pursuit of raising the consciousness of humans and protecting the wellbeing of our fellow creatures. And let me tell you, taking on the breadth and depth of animal exploitation is a very tough job. I have worked on the periphery of animal rights issues, and even in those outer reaches there is so much to be done. It takes courage, and detachment from your fears.

Many of you who are reading this are already involved in these issues and have experienced what I am talking about. I thank you from the depths of my soul for being willing to bring a change in consciousness to the way we interact with the world of animals. If you haven’t yet become involved but feel drawn to do so, and have questions about how to take the first steps, please feel free to email me. Enough said.

And now a bit of the mystical.... In my next entry I will tell you more about the spirit or “medicine” animals who have traveled with me, protected me, and healed me from the other realms. I know you will find it fascinating. It may even be a gateway to your own relationship with these incredible beings.

Until then, namaste.

Be well!


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