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The Apprenticeship is a commitment to self. It's a sequence of sessions that are choreographed to bring you home, to the center within, and to the divine of which we are all manifestions. The Apprenticeship is designed for spiritual travelers at all different levels and is specific to each person's unique vision.

Each segment begins with a meditation and inner work, followed by study and practice in the metaphysical realms, new shamanism, and inner devotion.

Meetings are available in person as well as over the Internet.

A student of mine recently shared with me, "...I had NO idea I was any kind of healer nor would I have thought I had any business studying such things, let alone look into my own destiny, purpose, or persona. Thankfully though, somehow, I decided to sign up for the Apprenticeship. All I knew at that time was a terrible, persistent pain — the aftermath of a very turbulent, abusive relationship. All I wanted was to heal 'from that.' I had no idea what a 'spiritual traveler' was let alone all of what would be unearthed as result of this work. I had no 'vision' for myself when starting out, other than to stop the bleeding."  The Apprenticeship was the most amazing journey inward. It was a program and a process from which everything within surfaced, including my original woundings, core passions, and current purpose. I could not have imagined the gifts that awaited me, which were far, far beyond healing from a 'single' relationship." That first step, the one from which we may yes to something so powerful — as in an Apprenticeship of this kind — is sometimes far from the step, far down the path, on we are destined to land."

The Apprenticeship is an ongoing study into the realms of who we are, where we came from, and who we are to become.

Part I  - Awakening

Meditation and Prayer, Breathwork, connecting with Guides in the Spirit Realm, Past-life Regression, Healing of the Inner Child, Self-Hypnosis and Guided Imagery, Psychic Attunement, Numerology, Tarot and more.

Part II - Initiation

Ceremony and Ritual, Surrendering, Bowing and The Inner Altar, Altered States of Healing, Soul Retrieval, Hands-on Healing, Mediumships and Channeling, Storytelling, Dreamtime Journeying, Flower Essences, Natural States of Being and more.

Part III - Unfoldment

Vision Quest, Mindfulness, and Prayer. A weekend retreat in nature to evoke the new vision.

Part IV - Manifestation

Practice for all apprentices who want to work as counselors and teachers. Certification is offered.

Part V - Soaring

As your Spirit calls out, ongoing practice to sustain your journey will be arranged.


Tuition is $700/Part, or $2600 for Parts One - Four, if paid in full at start of Part One.
Part Five will be decided at the appropriate time.

Upcoming Apprenticeships will be announced as they are scheduled, on the UPCOMING page. I hope to have you join this extraordinary program.


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