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Through the years, I’ve received many phone calls and emails from people expressing disappointment and a sense of futility regarding what’s going on in the world around us. So many of us struggle with a sense of powerlessness. I remember hearing Gangaji say, once, in a public gathering, “I don’t understand why the whole world isn’t crying.” It was a truly authentic thing to say. There certainly is a lot to cry about. If we are all really One, then how can we avoid feeling the suffering that continues on this planet?

It’s a troubling question. In her wisdom, Gangaji explained that the answer is not to try to avoid feeling the suffering of the world, but to notice it and reach out with compassion. One very powerful way to do so is by creating an invocation, a prayer, that asks the universe to take notice.

When you speak or write an invocation, you take an important step beyond feelings of hopelessness or helplessness, because an invocation is a call to action from the heart.

It says in its energy, “I am awake. I feel these things. Help me to walk on higher ground so I can be of service.” Do you feel the power in that? The action of creating a prayer that invites the help of the universe moves us instantaneously into connection to Source and into gratitude, all for the purpose of being a part of the healing.

It’s not difficult to write an invocation. Begin by opening yourself to a higher source, then fly with the wings of an eagle. Look down on the world and see the “big picture,” rather than peering through the little window through which the ego views the small world it inhabits. Become attuned to your own vastness by acknowledging the Creator (that which creates everything) and allow it to pour its expanded message through you.

For me, it helps to wait until the evening when things are quiet and serene. I light candles in my meditation room and walk slowly, talking about what is troubling me or asking how I can be of help. I breathe deeply and walk with “big ears,” listening carefully as words begin to come through. Sometimes the words come directly from Spirit and sometimes they come from the ancient wise woman part of me. I don’t pay much attention to where the message comes from, only that it feels healing as it comes through. That is the key. Otherwise it's just your ego telling you what it wants.

It doesn’t matter whether your concern is about human suffering, the protection of children, women’s rights, gay rights, political craziness, natural disasters, the exploitation of animals, an invitation to peace, spreading kindness — there are so many areas from which to choose. Maybe you want to invoke a prayer for a vision in your personal life, such as more prosperity. Think about and visualize what you want to see happen, then call on the universe and speak your prayer. You will be thrilled and amazed at how good you feel making a contribution, bringing your prayers to life!

Read the invocation that came through me for the people of Japan during the time of the 2011 tsunami. It was translated into several languages so that it could be shared throughout the world.


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