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This practice is really a lifestyle that was given to me in the Hawaiian islands by a healer and teacher named Jason Oliver.

" I uwe aloha aku ua mea la ke kumu iloko oukou."  -  I SALUTE THE SOURCE WITHiN YOU.

During a vacation on Maui, I was so moved by a private session I had decided to do with Jason that I had three more sessions within a week and then brought him here to California, USA to teach his particular take on this ancient Hawaiian form of healing.

Ho'opono'pono is very direct communication between you, your "higher self," the inner child, and whoever you need to forgive in order to return to your personal power. It is a gentle philosophy that teaches forgiveness, compassion, and right attitude.

It's major credo to everyone is: I love you, Forgive me, I am sorry, Thank you. It is believed that when these four statements are taken deeply into the cells, true healing begins. I've experienced major healing in my students and clients with this kind of one-to-one counseling.

For more information on this ancient tradition, google Dr. Hew Len. His story will mesmerize you.


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