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Meditation is the primary path to self-realization and inner peace. Through the years and at the side of wonderful meditation teachers, I have gathered many tools to help the mind calm down. I knew at an early age that I would have to find something to "cool" my overdoing mind and I knew I had found it when I discovered the blissful empowerment of meditation.

I know, I know, you don't have time, you have "tried," you can't sit still that long... I have heard every reason for not meditating and I have heard my own. Your mind wants to rule and most of the time you just accept letting your limiting thoughts control you. But here's some truth, there are many ways to let go of all the emotions and information. There are actual tools that anchor you into inner peace.

And what a gift they are.

There are many ways to meditate: eyes open, eyes closed, seeing with your third eye, meditating with your heart, using guided imagery to take you into other realms and into your depth of being, walking in the woods, listening to the ocean, in the light, in the dark, connecting with your cells and calming them, breathing, chanting, eating, being in gratitude, finding compassion in any situation, drinking in color, sound, light, fragrance, and touch. All are ways to quiet the mind and lead instead with love and patience.

Powerful Reasons to Practice Meditation:

Come and walk with me and let go of everything. Let's listen to healing music from ancient cultures that assuage you into releasing your burdens. Let's create an altar for your spiritual journey in this lifetime. Let me honor you by teaching you how to free your soul...

Come once, study with me for a while, or join an ongoing meditation group.

I would be honored to travel with you on this glorious path.


Contact me to discuss a meditation class or program for you, or join my ongoing "Letting Go" Meditation class on Monday nights, in Palo Alto.

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