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There is nothing more powerful than evoking the energy of gratitude for a newborn child, a new living space, or a special event. A blessing brings people together to celebrate just that — how blessed they are to be alive at this special time.

Our culture is in dire need of more forms of ritual, ceremony, and initiation. We need to champion, to give permission, and to free each other into peace and self-acceptance.  We need to resurrect the art of honoring by welcoming a child into adulthood, offering cleansing and balance to the sick, exalting an important birthday, releasing a loved one, bringing new life to a forgotten land, and bringing more beauty and serenity into our consciousness.

It is a joy for me to work with these very precious life transitions and create with you a unique and thoughtful gathering, one that says and speaks to the change, passage, or gift at hand.

No event is too small, and nothing we do or experience is insignificant. Let’s plant a young tree in a child’s name, walk to the top of Mount Tamalpais and create a ritual to honor the season, or tie colored silk ribbons of bliss around your and your beloved’s wrists at your 25th anniversary of loving each other.

You choose the occasion, the place, and the people. I’ll help you find music, dance, fabulous food and drink, ancient rituals (if that is appropriate), astrology, and the metaphysical arts. Together we’ll create a day or evening filled with wisdom, poetry, and heart.

Dream your dream…it's all obtainable.


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