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It is my experience that everyone needs some kind of permission to move forward in life, to rise out of “feeling stuck,” or to find the way when feeling lost at a crossroads.

What we all need is to be championed, but we often don't know how. For the past 25 years, I have devoted my life to helping people like you feel safe, comfortable, and deserving — at the deepest levels.

My passion is to assist you in getting free and clear so that you can experience more self-love, beauty, joy, balance, prosperity, divine love, and inner peace.

My work bridges the ancient and the contemporary. I am so so blessed with the most wondrous guides and teachers who continue to fill me with their wisdom and grace.

I like to think of my sessions, workshops, books and CDs as ceremonies, where permission is given so you can walk through the gateways of your dreams and aspirations and feel a newfound freedom to soar.

Whether it's helping you try your first meditation or helping you understand the contracts you set up before this incarnation. Whether it's inviting Quan Yin or the Bodhisattva of Compassion to come through and guide you, or whether we're using hypnotherapy to heal childhood issues, chronic pain or addiction, or just listening to you tell your story, what's needed is to stay steady, authentic "and still."  Stillness and presence are needed in order to really hear the different parts of you. To feel yourself. It's all about you then walking away, feeling that part of you that you couldn't find before, has finally come home.

That you have finally returned to yourself.



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