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Hypnotherapy is a form of healing that involves relaxing the mind and working with the subconscious so it can release, shift, and transform its beliefs. It is designed to lead you to total peace and to release old parts of your belief systems that no longer serve you.

I received my formal training and certification at the Palo Alto School of Hypnotherapy in the 1980s. During my training, I was blessed to work with Josie Hadley, one of the greatest visionaries and teachers of hypnosis. Through her wisdom, sense of humor and humanity, my fellow students and I were able to release and grow in ways we could not have achieved through other forms of talk therapy.

As a hypnotherapist, I specialize in using guided imagery designed for your specific needs. I do not practice blackout hypnosis; my style of hypnotherapy allows you to remain totally in control and aware of what happening. You are able to open your eyes at any time. In a 60-minute session, I guide you to quiet your mind, breathe more fully, enter a deeply relaxed state, and detach from your inner chaos.

Through this work, we are able to diminish and sometimes alleviate many different types of challenges, including:

Hypnotherapy can also help you to:

No matter how the experience unfolds for you, the transformative benefits occur deep within. You will emerge lighter, more compassionate, and more expanded.



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