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The journey of self-discovery is a winding path that takes each of us in many different directions, often to places we never expected to go. If someone had told me, as a youngster, that my life would turn out as it has — with its many twists and turns, interesting choices and challenges, I would not have believed them. I would have never imagined that I would need to go on such a deep self-discovery journey in order to find balance and faith in my life.

As a young teenager, I had already experienced my share of trauma; as a result, I was depressed, addicted, and unable to see a way to a brighter future. When I first decided I wanted to transform my life, I had no idea why I had manifested some of those challenges — or even that I had any role in creating them. I believed that life was something that happened to me. With the help of some wonderful teachers, I began to understand that I had created all of my experiences — the joyous ones as well as the tragic ones. I found enormous strength in that awareness and was able to make a commitment to my own growth, not only as a person but as a responsible soul able to be of service to other humans and to all creatures. Owning this one truth, that I am responsible for everything that comes my way, has given me self-sovereignty and allowed me to courageously create a better world.

I see this with you beautiful ones who come to my door. You arrive from different parts of the world, at every age and with every skin tone, from every religion and from every economic background. You often don’t know why you’ve come, only that you seek a respite from the fearful, limiting thoughts that sabotage your most sincere efforts and keep you from being all that you can be. You come in despair and you come in hope, but always you come in your longing for universal wish. I see in your eyes a quest for inner peace and a yearning to discover a way to cultivate a connection to what has true meaning in your world.

And so the process begins, as you tell me the story you have created in this life.  You share who you are, what you have learned, where you feel lost, and always there is a moment in which I ask, “Okay, and what would you like to change?” The response may be cloaked in any number of dreams and desires; you want to get to the source of your emotional suffering or your chronic pain. Or you want to change jobs but feel stuck. Or you want to open your heart and surrender in your relationships, you want to stop shutting people out, but it feels so hard. Whatever it is that you want to change in your external world, invariably the answer that lies beneath is the same: You want to feel worthy and lovable.

As I gently lead you into deep relaxation, you begin to explore terrain you have not traveled before. You may even go in a direction you have never considered until now. We might travel into your body and dialogue with that pain in your back. We might find out it's not even yours, that you have been carrying one of your parent’s suffering in an effort to heal them. Or perhaps you effortlessly enter another lifetime where the pain originated. It might even reveal itself in technicolor, right before your eyes. I never know where you will go until we begin, but I promise I will be a steadfast guide along any path your subconscious wants to reveal to you. I will be there with you so that you can find your way and experience the vastness and wholeness of who you really are.



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