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A Shamanic Journey takes you into the Dreamtime, an inner landscape filled with gateways, symbols, and spirits that can guide you and reveal a wealth of wisdom and insight. It is a unique and ancient way to journey to unseen worlds and uncover hidden parts of ourselves. It is unlike any traditional counseling or guided visualizations. In fact, it is difficult to write about because it is so mystical. I can only offer a brief summary of the process and how it might unfold for you.

First, for your journey to unfold successfully, it is important that you are comfortable with the idea of traveling into other realms. It is imperative that you feel safe and comfortable with your connection to the universe and with me as your guide. It's important that you feel protected — not because you could be harmed, but so you can relax and enjoy the journey. We begin this work together by talking over any fears or fantasies you may have.

Next, I lead you into a trance state where you can relax and let go of your day. Once in a dream state, you might visit your personal altar, where you can make a special prayer. Then, using special instruments — a drum, bells, bowls, we invoke your journey. Now completely relaxed, you travel and enter other realms under the ocean or through secret passageways in the earth. Sometimes the sky opens and you find yourself moving through space. Here, any number of enlightening experiences may unfold. You might meet your spirit animal, who comes to bring you his or her special medicine. Or perhaps you communicate with teachers or guides and have the opportunity to ask questions about your soul’s growth. Or you might forge a new relationship to the earth, release illness and negative emotions, call back parts of yourself you had abandoned as a result of traumatic life experiences, or dream a new vision of your life. It is impossible to know exactly what will happen. But however your journey unfolds, I travel with you, guiding you, making sure you are at ease. All you need to do is present yourself with an open mind and heart. Shamanic Journeying is part of the great mystery, and there are elements of your path that can only be revealed by traveling in this way.

After your journey, we talk about your encounters and identify elements of the experience that you wish to explore further. You might seek greater understanding of the symbols that were presented to you. You may want to explore why a certain animal or ancestor appeared, and discuss how to work with that being.

Shamanic Journeying is a profound and fascinating way to heal and enrich your life. I consider it a great blessing to travel into these territories with you.

Are you ready to enter the gateway to the non-ordinary worlds?


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