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I love taking groups into different dimensions of beingness.  

On these adventures, we can meet parts of our spirit. We can forge a stronger connection with our guides and teachers, those who are working with us and through us when brought into our consciousness.

Every group meditation session begins with a deep relaxation process and the entrance to the Dreamtime. This is where we meet our spirit animal as well as our teachers and healers in the other realms. This is particularly provocative.

Group past-life regression is deep and amazing. We come to see how interconnected everyone and everything really is.

When I add a form of breath work to the mix, things really start moving: you breathe better, obstacles are faced and released, and a blossoming takes place.

When we are in a room with others, the collective energy is transformational.

I have created all kinds of group sessions in the workplace, at community centers, or in private homes.

Let's come together and soar!  


Contact me to discuss a meditation class or program for your group, or join my ongoing "Letting Go" Meditation class on Monday nights, in Palo Alto.

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