Thank you to each and every energetic, loving inspiration who has crossed my path. What a gift...

"To know Simone is to know that miracles happen. When I first met Simone I was conflicted I knew there was more to get out of my life but didn't know how to access it. I was in a true life crisis as I've traveled far in my personal growth but needed someone to help me if I were to grow more into my potential. I was stuck. Then Simone came into my life. First a reading that was amazingly accurate. Then deep personal work that has helped me realize and unplug my connections to past beliefs, which I held and that were shadowing my energy.

Funny, gentle, and powerful, Simone guided me through doors that I've been trying to open for years. She showed me that the other side of those doors were wonderful, powerful. She provided a grace and strength to face my darkest moments and go through them. With Simone transformation is not only possible it's inevitable.

If you have the opportunity to work with Simone or even just sit in her presence, run, don't walk."

—  A. Kofman | Palo Alto, CA

"Being with Simone is like arriving in Kauai, struck by that fragrant balmy breeze. You instantly recognize you are exactly where you are supposed to be."

— Michael Price | Photographer | Redwood City, CA

"Simone is a spiritual teacher and channel of compassion. Through her spiritual sight and heart-awareness, she has helped to awaken me a loving and encouraging guide, supporting my personal empowerment and the discovery of my own abilities and gifts. Her greatest teaching is through her presence. She is a blessing in my life."

— John Roddy | Astrologer and Counselor | San Mateo, CA

"Simone completely saw me, where I am, and where I dream of being. We seek spiritual advice in order to glean our futures. I found my way to Simone with a carry-on full of my past, and a deep desire to know the future. She immediately saw me, and a new love I had for writing. She encouraged me to write my own story, one that she brought to light with keen and loving intuition and truth. Her insight led me on an actual journey – leaving the carry-on behind, and driving straight into the present. I am forever grateful for her gifts."

— Michele Turner | Designer and Author | San Francisco, CA

"Angels come in many different forms. Simone's gift is heavenly in nature. Her very being is infectious."

— Lisa Grotts | Author of A Traveller's Passport to Etiquette | San Francisco, CA

"Simone makes the unseen seen."

— Dr. Gerald Cohen | Homeopathist | Chiropractor | Menlo Park, CA

"Simone just knows. With grace, compassion, she helps you discover the light in your shadows, turning mystery and confusion into clarity and conviction so the soul's potential can be realized."

— Wendy S. Lea | CEO, Get Satisfied | San Francisco, CA

"I have had numerous readings from Simone over the years. They were clearly concise and overflowing with the truth, getting to the heart of the solution. She s a gift to all who seek her work and for the planet assisting us in our evolution. I would wholeheartedly recommend Simone to any of my relations who are needing assistance on their path at this auspicious time on this great planet earth."

— Mark T. Takata, M.S., L.Ac. | Integrative Healing | Half Moon Bay, CA

"Simone has been a spiritual mentor and trusted friend for over a decade. Her innate calmness, generous spirit and unconditional love envelope all of her being and her work. She speaks directly from the heart, and has helped me connect with the love and compassion in my own heart, particularly in times of sadness and frustration and has been instrumental in teaching me how to go within and just "be." Simone is a giver of light and I am always delighted to be in her presence and receive her many gifts. She creates a loving, safe environment while intuitively sensing what is needed for healing in every situation. She expertly weaves together various teaching modalities to achieve the best results for her clients and students. She is a master hypnotherapist, meditation teacher, a specialist in guided imagery, intuitive medium, counselor with the HART process, author and poetes."

— Debbie Gisonni | Author and Executive Director at Stillheart Institute | Woodside, CA

"I am short on words and completely taken by the precision, warmth and depth of your insights and guidance. Your words and messages are so deep and meaningful for me and have validated much of the emotion and feeling that I have had in recent weeks."

— Christopher Carson | New York, NY

"I don't say this about many people, but Simone is the real deal! She is intuitive on a level that far surpasses anyone else I know. Her honesty, kindness, and generosity can only be described as powerfully ever-present and thoughtful. She is a spiritual leader of great importance to this world."

— Stanlee Gatti | Stanlee R. Gatti Designs | San Francisco, CA

"I feel powerless to truly express how grateful I am for the impact this experience of reading your novel, THE GODDESS OF 5TH AVENUE has had on me. It is as if there are hundreds of facets cut on a diamond (your novel), each facet catching the light and illuminating some part of me..."

— Beverly Chang | Firefighter and Author | San Jose, CA

"Simone is for me, my Sherpa."

— Mary McKie | Astrologer | Entrepeneur | Pennsylvania, US

"I did a session with Simone where she talked about a new man entering my life who was a musician, not Caucasian, and very dynamic. Well, here he is, and we are completely in love. Our spiritual, emotional, physical, and intellectual connection is like nothing I have experienced. My phone session with her as well as the group session Jane's circle of women was life-affirming."

— Kimberly Escamilla | Executive Director of the International Poetry Library | San Francisco, CA

"Simone is a natural intuitive, as well as a loving human being. She has seen many things in me that it took me a while to clearly see in myself! Simone plays an important role in the evolution of human consciousness on the planet today – which is so necessary to the health of our Earth and the well-being and peace of its people."

— Ami Chen Mills-Naim | Co-Director Center for Sustainable Change | Santa Cruz, CA

"Simone is a wonderful spirit filled with pure love, deep compassion, and an outstanding gift for teaching. It was such an honor to study with her under an Apprenticeship. A true spiritual catalyst, Simone sees the unique gifts in all of us. She taught me to open and expand to those gifts, and taught me how to bring them into the light to help others and myself."

— Tina Drugg | Spiritual Teacher | Oregon

"Being with Simone is like having a door opened into your soul, your spirit. She puts you immediately at ease, and her teachings and guidance have proven nothing less than life-changing for me. I've sent many friends to Simone, and they all feel the same.”

— Jane Ganahl | Author, Naked On The Page | Half Moon Bay, CA

"Simone has been my mentor and spiritual teacher for over 25 years. She has been a lighthouse for me during times of transformation, a wise teacher who has put me on my spiritual path. She is a gifted healer who always comes from compassion and integrity. As a psychotherapist, I have referred many clients to Simone over the years with excellent results. I can honestly say that she has changed my life."

— Beth Elliott-Staggs, LMT | Ben Lomond, CA

“What a wonderful being! Simone is definitely wise beyond her years, a beautiful spirit indeed. I have personally gained profound insights into my life through her private readings. As a spiritual catalyst, Simone helped me to deeply trust my intuition and communicate with my soul in making two extremely difficult life choices. I am forever grateful to Simone for helping me bring out my inner child, allowing me to once again enjoy my life, an invaluable gift given by an enlightened individual.”

— Sgt. Xander P. Hamman | United States Marine Corps | Infantry Squad Leader | San Francisco, CA

“It is my great honor to share my experience with Simone. Just reflecting on it brings me to tears of gratitude and appreciation both for her, our work, and for myself. I have been working with Simone for nine years and I can very honestly say that our work changed my life. I consider Simone to be mymost important teacher. She is forever tattooed by my heart reminding me to love fully. Simone’s presence, strength, and vision held up the mirror of love that I needed in order to see my own pain, truth, and courageous light. I’ll never forget the light of love that shone through Simone’s eyes as I insecurely told her about myself during our first session, I could almost feel my cells receiving that loving light as I began to see myself differently.

Simone taught me to have a relationship with my body, with my pain, with my inner child and it brings me home in my darkest hours. Our work touched upon so many levels of my pain, and gently transformed my heartache into forgiveness, my inner child’s sadness into a vehicle for practicing deep self-love, and my limited thoughts of myself and my future into a spacious place of possibility and hope. Even when she is far away from me, her image and grace serves as a loving strength for me as her poetic words of justice hold me like a blanket of truth in a world that feels so lost at times. She is beyond words, a force of nature, a humble moment of grace and forgiveness, a noble goddess and prophetess. Thank you Simone. Thank you for your love.”

— Carolina Lorenzo | Somatic Psychotherapist | Women's Activist andYogaTeacher | Boulder, CO

“Simone is an amazing catalyst for guiding you in opening your heart through the path of forgiveness. Her heart is always present with you as you delve deep into your own truth. Simone’s gentle but powerful voice moves you through many layers of yourself with amazing visualizations that inspire you to delve deeper. Simone has the clarity and depth of one who has fearlessly traveled the path to Self for many years. She knows the way as she calls upon the many tools she has mastered to assist you along this path to your True Self. As a friend and fellow practitioner I have both participated in and facilitated with Simone and know she is a master of her art. Her clarity, presence and love are rare gifts to be experienced.”

— Terry Attwood | Spiritual Mentor | Reiki Master | Certified Hypnotherapist | Rocklin, CA

“We have been working together with you as my spiritual guide for almost a year now and I want to thank you so much for the transformation you have helped me achieve in my life. Whether working together in a one-on-one counseling session, or joining together with others in a group meditation and HART therapy session or in a couple's counseling session, you always help me to answer questions I seek at that moment in time, and I feel cleansed and energized and more focused after our sessions. My ability to understand and then work on my problems one by one as I go through the challenges of daily life in my search for peace and clarity has led to a priceless improvement in my relationships, particular with myself!

Many people have commented that I am happier and more focused about my career goals and am able to understand subtle energie. I am now learning to define and acknowledge the issues I allowed in my life.
I am clearing out the old and addressing how I want to shape my life rather than pretending to be a victim
of setbacks and circumstances."

— Crystal Natsuko | Artist | Los Angeles, CA

"There simply isn't another person that I would want to counsel me other than Simone!"

— Jerri Huggins | Santa Cruz, CA

“Simone's soft and loving energy, combined with her honest and authentic approach, allowed me to relax into my deeper sense of self. I've experienced Simone's transformational healing through Apprenticeship, private readings, hypnotherapy, the HART Process, meditation group, and counseling. Simone activated the spark within me, lit my pilot light, and showed me how to become a better, more awake, more aware healing practitioner, as well as participant in my own life. Mostly, I appreciate her ability to sense my need for laughter and to engage with me, whole heart and soul. She is a loving light and a powerful gift.”

— Sue Herfurth Seely | Certified Hypnotherapist | Reiki Practitioner | Aptos, CA

“When I first met Simone at a book signing for Goddess of 5th Avenue I knew this was a special being. Soon thereafter I had the first of many readings with her. She was (and always is) clear, concise, humourous, harmless, and caring. Can't get much better than that. As our relationship deepened, she was always supportive and exceeding generous in spirit and t-i-m-e. Having participated in (at least) two of Simone's workshops, including a weekend intensive, I can say without reservation that this woman knows what she's doing in offering a hand (or sometimes a persistent nudge) to boost participants to their next level of growth, whatever it may be. I also had a ball acting in her play, WHY WOMEN WEAR HATS.”

— Shanon Orrock | Radiant Entertainer | Planet Earth

“Simone's kind nature expresses as grace and compassion walking an earthly path. In her presence and with her skillful guidance, each of us can experience being absolutely loved; the resulting self-recognition, self-valuing, inspiration, and creativity ignite the souls of her students and clients. From those moments. life's journey enlivens with a greater spark of purpose and passion. My personal gratitude for Simone's support over the years is immense. As I began my consultation practice, she demonstrated living a loving service and perpetual expansion of that vision as the essence of a healing business. She fostered my own connections to nature and meditation and the wholeness within myself, and nurtured the power of connection with all others as unlmited potential of love in action. Simone's good work is all done with joy and a smile, surrounded by physical beauty in her gathering spaces, and blesses people of all natures and purposes to experience more expansive, abundant, and meaningful lives.”

— Winterhawk | Winterhawk Animal Consultations | Mt. Shasta, CA

“I have known Simone for many years and each time we get back together she has added to her skillset. She never stops being "awake" to her gifts. I have been a part of women's groups where she helped us all in becoming more authentic in our actions toward others and most expecially to ourselves. Her "gifts" include unbelievable intuition and the "pure knowledge" that we are not alone in our journeys. Her small stature holds a huge spirit and she is " linked” to the knowledge of the ages. I admire and love her in gratitude.”

— Jan Marsella | Bio-Spiritual Journeys Counselor  | San Jose, CA

“Simone has been my guiding light for over 25 years. She has helped me walk through some of my most challenging fears, and from darkness into the light. She has seen the real me and taught me how to love myself deeply. When confronted with a serious surgery, she created a visualization tape for me that helped get me through the surgery with flying colors. Everything I listened to on the tape prior to the surgery happened. The doctors told me that they were totally impressed with how my body reacted to the surgery. Additionally two weeks after the surgery I started working part time, when the recovery period is typically six weeks. I can honestly say that Simone’s tape made all the difference in the world. After 25 years, I still continue to learn from her. Simone constantly finds new ways to reach out to her clients to help them process through issues, and to bring them to a place of peace. I am beyond grateful that Simone has been in my life. I value her and love her deeply and would recommend her to anyone who wishes to transform their lives."

— Lindsey Williams | Writer | Counselor | Northern California

"Simone walks in the polarity of two worlds, the seen and unseen. She is able to see the person as they really are, and guides them to become their authentic self. A gifted counselor, she is wise and non-judgemental. She is the candle in the darkest of night. Her guided imagery can ease the soul and combat even the toughest wounds. She is truly blessed and I am blessed to be able to experience her work. My teacher, my friend, my colleague, you have changed my life.”

— Annette Ponischil Kreisman M.A., Rev. | Reiki Master | Spiritual Counselor | Los Altos, CA

"Simone is one of the most special and peaceful souls I know. Our sessions are always unique but one thing happens every time... I leave feeling completely inspired. I also leave feeling hopeful and more open, more connected to my true purpose and path. When I am able to shut the chaotic world out, and really tune in to her spirit, it revives mine. I treat myself to time with Simone whenever I can!"

 — Gail Swanson | Singer amd Songwriter | Realtor | Maui, HI

"In 1992 an encounter with Simone did change my life. I was a student at the "Hypnotherapy School of Palo Alto, CA" and Simone came to teach us about Shamanism. I felt an instant connection with her beautiful, powerful energy and her teachings. She read my energy and said "you have it made, you will go very far in this life-time!" I was very impressed about her presence and knowledge. A personal session with Simone revealed an "ancient" love for Shamanism and it did set the stage for an ongoing Transformation and Rememberance of who I am and what I meant to do in this life-time. As a result I was guided to live and work in Cusco, Peru for over 14 years now. Simone is a very skilled healer and a true teacher of divine wisdom! My love goes with her always."

— Lilo Ccoyllor | Cusco, Peru

"During my many, many years as an instructor of hypnotherapy, I have had the privilege of observing Simone as she teaches and leads groups. I am mesmerized by her purity of connection and intention with students and audiences, and how her knowledge, wisdom and information is imparted. She is, by far, one of the most clear, empathetic, and present teachers I have ever experienced.”

— Dorthy V. Tyo | Hypnotherapist | Director of the School of Hypnotherapy | Palo Alto, CA

"I first met Simone in 1989. Her wisdom and insights transformed how I see the world. I take her classes and workshops whenever I can. Simone is a beautiful spirit, a force of nature, and a wise woman all rolled into one."

— Michele Roest | Nature Educator | Paso Robles, CA

"Simone's work as a catalyst for spiritual awakening and heart-centered healing is one of the most transformational on the planet! If you truly want to move in the direction of your soul's destiny, you only have to spend time in her magical presence. You will be guided with gentle compassion, grace, humor and a depth of wisdom that comes from years of experience in a multitude of spiritual and healing practices. She possesses the very rare gift of making the "mystical practical, "so that you can embrace and integrate the miraculous in your everyday life."

— Erin Sommerville | Oncology Life Coach | Long Beach, CA

"Simone has a wonderful ability to listen to you deeply from her soul and provide insight and clarity to assist you on your journey. Whether she is gathering information for you through the use of the Tarot or just allowing guidance to come through her in a meditative state, she assists to access a place deep inside you where the truth resonates. This truth provides you with your own "ah ha moments" that not only provide the clarity needed but validation that your world is okay and these are your next steps. Simone's energy is so very healing and her ability to hold a place of compassion and love for you while she works with you is a genuine gift."

— Jillian Auberger, PhD | Redwood City, CA

"The glow from today is still shining in my heart. What a wonderful chemistry of love, compassion, and sisterhood. I feel so fortunate to be part of the Bellarmine Mothers Community; so many wonderful spirits. For me, one of the most connecting parts of the day was listening to all the women's stories about what was sacred in their lives. And, the wisdom you shared with the group was so empowering and inspiring. Thank you for being there and for guiding us through our wonderful journey."

— Lisa Daniels | Saratoga, CA

"I have met and had readings by many psychics over the last 40 years or so. Many were good, most interesting, and some inaccurate. And then I met Simone. She is without a doubt the clearest and more direct psychic I have ever experienced. Geez, does she tell it like it is!

On top of that, Simone is the embodiment of compassion and love. She carries an enormous heart in her beautiful and tiny frame. Having been introduced to metaphysics and spirituality by the time I was ten years old, I had never found anyone I would consider a teacher in my adult life, again, until I met Simone. Her wealth of knowledge and experience in an amazing diversity of spiritual practices, combined with her clarity as a medium and her compassionate heart, make her a unique treasure in this world. Knowing her has touched my life and uplifted my spirit. I hope as many people as possible will have a chance to meet and work with her. The world will be a better place."

—  Sarah Tigerman | Attorney | San Francisco, CA

"I just want to thank you again for the fabulous job you did with the Bellarmine Women's Retreat yesterday! I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the retreat and I only wish we could have continued the event for another day or so!  Last night, I took this opportunity todo a walking meditation, as you suggested in the retreat. I was surprised at how little time it took to arrive at the gym! To my surprise, one of the women who attended the retreat was also at the basketball game. We both talked about what a great experience we had at the retreat and just how empowered we both felt afterwards. Thank you for all the gifts and tools you provided for us!"

— Elaine Bakan | Saratoga, CA

"The GODDESS of 5TH AVENUE is at once funny and sad, amusing and inspirational as it jumps for joy in celebrating life's beauty."

— The Palo Alto Daily News | Palo Alto, CA

"This poignant, poetic novel engages the heart from the first paragraph. The contemporary heroine travels from darkness to light, from pain to healing, integrating the sacred Ancient into the tapestry of her everyday life. Carol Simone's story is a compelling call to practice compassion whenever we can."

— Andrea Smith | Beloved Painter for Peace | Sedona, AZ


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