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  1. Breathe deeply and acknowledge your everlasting, indisputable connection to the universe that created you. Know that you are never alone.
  2. Realize that everyone of your 85,000 trillion cells is one of your children and that it is your job to take care of them with love and compassion.
  3. Open to the knowing that every living thing breathes and has a spirit to be respected and honored.
  4. Find 25 things a day that you have gratitude for, and thank them.
  5. Envision an altar everywhere you go.
  6. Create an altar in every cell within you.
  7. Forgive yourself for all of your fears and the accompanying emotions, laugh at them and let go.
  8. Throughout the day, ask the universe, "Is this for my highest good?" Then listen very quietly...
  9. Let your thoughts blow by like leaves in the wind. Be still.
  10. See with your third eye.
  11. Stop blaming others and realize that you are creating all of your life's circumstances. Trust you can heal yourself and proceed to the Source.
  12. Whisper "I love you, forgive me, I'm sorry, thank you" one hundred times throughout the day.
  13. Walk barefoot on the earth and send love through the grids, connecting everyone to that love.
  14. Smile. Be friendly.
  15. Focus on your divine connection to the Creator and send that love out into the universe. Send it when you're in traffic, in a restaurant, in a doctor's office. Send love to someone you don't understand. Send love anytime, anywhere, and to everyone!
  16. Look into the eyes of an animal, breathe deeply, and relax.
  17. Realize your power lies in the present moment, nowhere else.
  18. Write a love poem to the Creator. Write its response.
  19. Make a vow to transform all suffering into self-empowerment.
  20. Be a poem, a prayer flag, a flower dancing in the wind...

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