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This is an incredibly fascinating journey that expands your understanding of why you came back and what you are here to accomplish.

Using hypnotherapy that takes you into a deep, trance state, you are guided with questions that open important doors — doors that have been closed by the conscious mind. In the beginning of the session, your mind is relaxed so it feels safe enough to reveal information, lost memories, and symbols that give us the clues and direction in which to move. From there you travel even deeper to experience the parts of yourself that help you understand past accomplishments as well as the origins of self-sabotage that could be postponing your success.

This process creates the opportunity to "bring back" and forgive or incorporate more fully past experiences into this lifetime. The session becomes a ceremony, mirroring the many aspects and evolution of your soul.

Here are a few of the benefits of past-life exploration:

  1. Helps you to understand the origin of present-life fears such as anxiety, addictions, phobias, despair, in order to dissolve them
  2. Allows you to remember aspects of yourself that you are proud of and that you want to incorporate currently
  3. Gives you a rich insight into long-term relationships with your family, friends, community, where you live, etc.
  4. Opens you to your soul's depth and vastness
  5. Quiets your mind because hypnotherapy techniques are used for healing, centering, and grounding
  6. Leaves you with feelings of compassion, self-worth, and reverence for life

This is fluid work that is done in a very gradual, gentle manner. You will be surprised at how intuitive you are when you are free to access and bring forth the library of information that resides inside your cells — inside eternal you.


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